Two Generations Ago: August 1967

By David A. Shumway

Editor’s note: The primary source for these monthly articles is the old Beavercreek News, a weekly then daily forerunner of the News-Current. It was run by Chris & Ruth Mitsoff, later edited by their son, and sadly finally sold … with the complete archival hardcopies donated by Ruth to the Historical Society.

So, August 1967. Fifty-seven Beavercreekers were among the first enrollment of the new Greene Joint Vocational School (GJVS). (Vocational schools were big even when I was young in Niagara Falls, but lost favor somewhere along the line. Vocational education is coming back into the forefront now, albeit with changing vocations.)

And other fall registrations were picking up. Two ever-popular dance schools, Danettes & Barbara Miller, were accepting registrations. Ah, my daughter (two generations ago) and granddaughters (one generation ago) … seems this dance thing is a rite of passage.

On groceries, that iconic grocer Charles Lofino and his son Mike studying business advertised cans of beans & hominy for 9¢ a can. Note: these are great go-togethers with tortillas, although the Tex-Mex craze hadn’t yet hit in 1967.

BHS announced 1967 football season tickets for $7. First game is scheduled against Troy with Paul Martin as head coach. Tell you who wins next month.

During this period DP&L was strongly pushing electric heat for homes. This was before natural gas was available, and most of us had oil furnaces.

What happened: it was okay for awhile, but electric rates went up and cheap natural gas came in. And, if you were to switch from oil and had your tank removed, it was a good idea to tell Duncan Oil so they wouldn’t pump 250 gal of oil into your basement; just a hint.

Speaking of history, why not check out some items at your Beavercreek Historical Society’s “Barn Sale” on Aug. 26 of this current year 2017? Surely you’ll find some stuff from two generations ago.

By David A. Shumway

David A. Shumway is a resident and guest columnist for the Beavercreek Historical Society.

David A. Shumway is a resident and guest columnist for the Beavercreek Historical Society.


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