Athletic training offered to Greene County Career Center

News-Current Report

XENIA — Dayton Sports Medicine Institute, a part of the Kettering Health Network, has partnered with Greene County Career Center to offer athletic training services.

Dayton Sports Medicine Institute athletic trainers will provide medical support, instruction and athletic training coverage to all Greene County Career Center students and staff who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic trainers will offer injured students and staff any assistance they need to recover from their injuries and return to work safely, and be able to perform their duties.

“Our new sports medicine model that we will implement at Greene County Career Center will promote the same concepts to the public safety and occupational students and employees that athletes get in the high school, college, and professional setting,” Dayton Sports Medicine Institute manager Lori Oda said. “The athletic trainer will provide evaluation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and an integrated, job-specific return-to-work program.”

Content provided by the Kettering Health Network.

Content provided by the Kettering Health Network.