City requests supplement to appropriations

By Danielle Coots - For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek City Council approved additional funds be released from four different accounts to cover funds that were not originally figured into the 2018 budget. The total appropriations requested was approximately $27,429.

The Financial Administrative Services Director Bill Kucera, proposed additional funding needed to maintain the beauty of the city from four different accounts. Those funds would come out of the General Fund, Federal Forfeitures Fund, Parks Levy Fund, and the Miscellaneous Trust Fund.

Funds are needed from the general account for major repairs to maintenance equipment used in the cemetery. The cost of repair for this equipment is estimated to be approximately $4,500. With this payment, Kucera let city council members know that the general account would still hold more than the 20 percent minimum that they require.

The parks department is having issues with CI Beaver Hall with a blocked pipe in the restrooms that’s causing a sewage back-up problem. This is at the top of the list for repairs and was an unexpected issue. To repair and fix the drainage issue, the city estimates the repair work at $12,500.

This amount includes, accounting to Ordinance No 18-10, “repairing, cleaning and installing a new pipe, extensive work to the buildings foundation and parking lot.”

The city has insurance through Miami Valley Risk Management that will cover a portion of the repairs, but the insurance policy only covers for the water restoration and clean-up, not the costs for digging up, replacing the pipe and repairs needed to put the project back together again. The entire estimate of the repairs is $12,551; however, the city prepaid $1,000 for the emergency response, which should be reimbursed to the city. Repairing the pipe is estimated to cost $10,000. Reimbursement from the prepayment and any payments made by insurance will be rolled back into the Parks Levy Fund.

In addition to the water back-up problem at CI Beaver Hall, there’s been an issue with vandals. The vandals broke some glass block windows in the building. The cost of repair of those broken window and the clean-up fees total approximately $1,375.

From the Federal Forfeitures Fund, the police department has requested an additional $5,000 to help purchase updated Lexis Nexis software through a joint purchase with Greene County, Xenia and Fairborn.

The shared software license will allow the officers to obtain updated information on individuals, property, etc. when doing investigations and background checks on individuals. The system not only utilizes information in local areas, but nationwide- helping keep police departments connected and able to share important and critical information. A single license costs $30,000, so by sharing the license with other agencies is a huge benefit to the city.

The last request was from the Miscellaneous Trust Fund for an additional $3,003 to offset the increased cost of a new van for the senior center that was received through a grant from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Council.

The original amount that was budgeted for the purchase, was $67,500 in 2017. But, since the van was actually purchased in 2018, the price increased. Therefore, the additional fund are needed for the purchase.

All four requests were approved with no oppositions.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current