Company seeks rezoning of land for self-storage

By Danielle Coots - For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK — YOLO Development company applied for an application requesting rezoning of 4.6 acres, four parcels, located at the northeast corner of Indian Ripple Road and Harbert Drive.

The first reading of the request was approved by Beavercreek City Council and moved to the second and third reading with no public comments or concerns.

Jared Barnett from Synergy Construction appeared before council to voice the company’s future vision and anticipation of being a part of the Beavercreek area.

“We’ve looked at other parcels in the area, but like this piece of land because it’s not butting up to a residential or congested area,” he said.

The development company plans of constructing a multi-tenant office building with self-storage units in the rear. The self-storage units will be on the Harbert Drive side of property, at least that’s the plan for now. This request is only for the rezoning portion. Specific site plans will be presented to council at another time for approval.

“This property will maintain the integrity of our other developments in that it will be built with good quality, nice looking and will be properly maintained,” Barnett said.

Currently, this land is vacant with no standing buildings. The property has been vacant for some time. The last time this property was zoned was in 1996, as C-PUD 96-4- Commercial Planned Unit Development. This applicant is requesting that the property be rezoned to C-PUD 18-4 – Commercial Planned Unit Development to allow for the conditional use of self-storage warehouses.

“We are planning of putting a couple million dollars investment into this property, so we will ensure it stays nice,” Barnett said.

As of now, all property access will be located on Harbert Drive and not on Indian Ripple, so this is to help reduce the traffic impact.

“I’m glad to see interest in this property and happy you will be in Beavercreek,” Council Member Zach Upton said.

The application was approved for the first reading and will move to the second and third readings during the upcoming council in December and January, 2019 in the administration building.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current