Dunkin Donuts coming to Beavercreek

By Danielle Coots - For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK — Gilligan Company appeared in front of the Beavercreek City Council recently requesting approval of a specific site plan for a new Dunkin Donuts location located on the corner of Lantz Road and N. Fairfield Road.

The City Council vote was unanimous and Dunkin Donuts plans move forward.

Cara Burkhardt, a representative of Gilligan Company, presented the plans for a new generation store to be opened in Beavercreek. She said the model will mirror the store that just opened on Far Hills.

This location is expected to be a 2,215 square foot establishment on 0.6 acres. The property was recently rezoned last year and this business type is permitted under the zoning code. The proposed plans meet all buffer and set-back requirements and is currently a vacant piece of land.

“I think this will be a very popular place for people dropping off their kids at the daycare across the street,” City Council Member Melissa Litteral said.

Council Member Julie Vann was concerned about possible traffic interference with the nearby houses because of the position of the drive-thru.

“Will the shrubs be tall enough to block headlights coming through the drive-thru,” she asked.

The city staff assured Vann that the shrubs would be tall enough and that a trash confinement would also be located near the the property line that would provide extra protection.

The specific site plan was approved with 21 conditions, which include regulations for signage, construction hours, lighting, and many more. The issue passed with a majority vote.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current