Perales provides testimony on bill

COLUMBUS — State Representative Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek) provided sponsor testimony today on House Bill 42, legislation to add a representation of the Wright Brothers’ first piloted airplane to the Coat of Arms and Great Seal.

House Bill 42 was reintroduced this General Assembly as the successor to House Bill 370 during the 132nd General Assembly. As HB 370, the bill was voted unanimously out of State and Local Government Committee and passed 90-3 on the House floor.

“Changing our seal to reflect Ohio’s rich history and economic power in aerospace and aviation will brand Ohio as the leader in this critical industry, as well as its continued innovation,” Perales said. “Our seal is our “business card” to the country and world, and the depiction of the Wright Flyer will ensure our rightful place as the birthplace of aviation and leader in the skies.”

House Bill 42 is currently in the committee on State and Local Government.

House Bill 42 allows for all existing supplies and materials bearing the current representation of the state seal and coat of arms to be exhausted before the new image is produced. It has the support of the Ohio Aviation Association, the National Aviation Heritage Alliance, and the Wright family.

State Representative Rick Perales is serving his fourth term in the Ohio House. He serves the 73rd House District, which includes the western portion of Greene County, including Wright Patterson Air Force Base.