Beavercreek police warns of thefts at child care facilities

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek police have issued an alert to make citizens aware of a theft trend that has been occurring especially at day care and preschool centers. A group is breaking into cars at day care centers while parents are dropping their children off. Parents need to be extra careful because the suspects are looking for easy targets. Purses left on seats with credit cards and cash inside are being taken.

Even if you are running in and out for just seconds bring your purse, wallets, backpacks, bring your keys, lock your doors, don’t leave any valuable items in your car. It only takes a minute to gather your things, but it will take hours of calling credit card companies, banks and cell phone companies to cancel your accounts and report the theft and start over.

Also, consider to make a pass through of the lot before dropping off or exiting your vehicle to go inside. We believe most people who use these facilities daily would recognize staff and other parents cars that belong. If you recognize a vehicle or occupants inside it that don’t appear to be there for the intended purpose of the business to report that to the center or the Police Department. The suspects are using the stolen cards to purchase gift cards at various retailers.

In an incident in August, an arrest an indictment was returned against that defendant. We had another incident occur Thursday morning at Kinder Care 2755 Lillian Ln. The investigation by our department is ongoing and we continue to work with surrounding LE agencies who have had similar crimes and suspect vehicles in their incidents over the past. Please follow our aforementioned crime prevention tips to avoid being a victim of this crime and continue to be safe and vigilant.