Gorge swimmer sustains minor injuries

CLIFTON —The Centerville area teenager who fell into Clifton Gorge on Tuesday was treated for minor injuries and released from Greene Memorial Hospital Wednesday.

The name of the victim is not being released because she is a minor. But the 16-year-old and three other females — all 22-years-old and younger — could be charged with trespassing by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources after they left the trail at the gorge and attempted to swim in the Little Miami River according to Miami Township Fire Chief Colin Altman.

“Within 40 feet of where they were there were two signs that say stay on the trail,” Altman said. “Someone in the group, or all of them, had seen posts on social media that you can come and swim at the Clifton Gorge or even cliff dive. You’re not allowed to though. It has wooden guard railing up to keep people on the trail.”

The teen attempted to climb down and slipped and fell between 30 and 66 feet, Altman said. The other three then tried to climb down to help and became stuck.

“We’re still not certain where they went to get down from the trail to the river,” Altman said.

It took 16 people close to two hours to perform the high-angle rescue.

The ODNR did not release the names of the other three people and said charges had not been filed as of Thursday. Altman said if they are charged, they would most likely just be fined in order to discourage others from trying to copy their swimming attempt.

“People come our and think ‘Oh, it’s Ohio, everything’s flat,’ ” Altman said. “Clifton Gorge and the park are not. There’s a reason they want you to stay on the trail.”

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