Fruit stand owner requests meeting

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK —Fruit/vegetable cart owner Robin Cornwell requested a meeting with council members during the most recent countil meeting.

This request came after Beavercreek city officials addressed the stand in August during a city council meeting indicating that the stand was going to remain open pending repairs.

Cornwell had questions as to what was expected from her and her Patterson Road corner stand.

“At the beginning of the year they [the city] told me I had to tear the stand down, but now you’ve changed your mind and said I can do repairs,” Cornwell said. “I just want to know what what I have to do.”

She requested that a member of the city staff meet her to go over everything that needs to be done so they can move forward for the upcoming season. The Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone agreed that that would be a great idea and that it would be arranged.

During the first council meeting in August, Beavercreek Planning Director Jeff McGraff indicated that it was rumored that the city was forcing Cornwell to shut the stand down. In fact, due to complaints about a dilapidated camper/RV with expired tags and that appeared to be inoperable, the city went out to inspect the property. The city’s staff not only found that the camper/RV needed to be removed but that the stand structure was hazardous and in need of removal or repair.

“We met with the owners of the fruit stand and went over some of the issues that needed to be taken care of,” McGraff continued. “Matt [city staff] spoke to Mrs. Cornwell, the owner of the fruit-stand and she indicated that this would likely be their last season and she requested an extension until the end of the season.”

An extension was provided and the discussion was left that they would reconvene at the end of the season. Cornwell has decided to continue to run the fruit/vegetable stand for years to come.

Her daughter, Jade Craft presented city council with a drawing of what the future stand would emulate. “We have a lot of people that have been donating to help us rebuild,” she said. They plan to rebuild the structure back to the original stand when they first opened.

“I know that I have to move the RV, and I’m fine with that. I just need to know specifically what is expected of me,” Cornwell said.

The city is expected to schedule a meeting with the owner in the near future to discuss the improvement needs and requirements.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.