School entrance age requirements change

Greene County News

BEAVERCREEK — The Beavercreek City Schools Board of Education unanimously approved a date change to the entrance age requirements for all incoming kindergarten and first grade students.

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, all kindergarten students much be at least five years old and all first grade students must be at least six years old on or before Aug. 1.

Changing the entrance age requirement date from Sept. 30 to Aug. 1 was approved after careful consideration of several factors including ever-increasing learning demands. With the state adoption of common core standards and implementation of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, there are increased expectations placed on kindergarten and first grade students.

Currently, more than half of all Ohio school districts adhere to the Aug. 1 date in regards to entrance age requirements.

“We understand this is a significant change that affects many Beavercreek families,” said Beavercreek City Schools Superintendent Paul Otten. “By changing the age requirement date to Aug. 1, many students will gain valuable time to develop so they are better prepared to handle the rigors of classroom instruction.”

In the event a child is not of compulsory age by Aug. 1, they may be admitted to kindergarten or first grade if Board of Education early entrance criteria is met.

Story courtesy of Beavercreek City Schools.

Story courtesy of Beavercreek City Schools.