City receives good financial scores

By Anna Bolton -

BEAVERCREEK — Auditor Dave Yost released financial health indicators (FHI) for Ohio counties and cities this month, giving the city of Beavercreek a positive report.

Every year, the auditor of state declares a number of local governments in a state of fiscal distress — which could mean fiscal caution, watch or emergency. To help counties and cities avoid this, Yost came up with a series of indicators to identify any potential or future stress.

According to the auditor’s website, “financial health indicators are a proactive approach to monitoring or assisting cities and counties that show early signs of fiscal stress.”

The reports include 247 cities and all 88 Ohio counties. It covers 2012 to 2015.

On the 17 indicators, Beavercreek received 15 green “positive outlooks,” one “not applicable” and one yellow “cautionary outlook.”

A cautionary outlook is defined, according to the report, as signaling “a situation of which the entity should be aware” and one that could possibly develop into a critical outlook if left unchecked. This outlook was given to Indicator #10: General Fund Intergovernmental Revenues as a Percentage of Total General Fund Revenues. The indicator reflects an over-reliance on intergovernmental revenues, which are subject to state and federal budget cuts.

In comparison, Greene County received green across the board, with all 17 indicators receiving “positive outlooks.”

By Anna Bolton

Reach Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.

Reach Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.