Car lot requesting rezoning

By Danielle Coots - News-Current Report

BEAVERCREEK — Dave Dennis Auto Dealership recently acquired property adjacent to their car lot and is requesting rezoning of that property and their current location so it can be utilized as an expansion of their business. The additional property is 9.3 acres located at 4232 Colonel Glenn Highway.

“It’s a great use of this location,” City of Beavercreek City Councilwoman Melissa Litteral said. “I also think as a safety matter, I think it’s much more effective for their employees and customers to have their business on the same side of the street.”

Currently, this property and their current location, is zoned at being B-2, Community Business and B-4, Highway Business. They would like to have it changed to C-PUD, Commercial Planned Unit Development. City Council is in the first stages of the decision and have passed it to the second and third reading with consideration of seven conditions. One of the conditions restrict the use of the property by restricting the use of adult entertainment facilities, drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation clinics; kennel or cattery facilities, manufactured home sales, self-storage warehouses, or veterinary clinic with kennels or as an animal hospital.

“I like that the zoning is going to a PUD so we will have more control over the use,” Councilwoman Debborah Wallace said.

Dave Dennis also owns the property across the street and are using that property for overflow automobile parking for new and used vehicles. With Grange Hall being a heavy traffic area, it was becoming increasingly difficult to cross the street to show customers additional inventory. The plan with the new land, next door, is to discontinue the use of the overflow parking across the street and move it to the new property as well as add an auto detail shop.

The new location has a U shaped office building on the property and is being used as office space. Dave Dennis plans on keeping a portion of the building, but demolish the other. There are no current plans to build anything on the property, but to leave it paved to allow for additional auto parking. The owner plans on putting the land across the street up for sale.

Council did have one concern and that was the zoning of the property across the street. Since Dave Dennis was not present during the meeting and was not able to present his plans, council deferred that issue until the second reading.

“Mr. Dennis will try to do everything he can to make us happy because that’s the kind of many he is,” Mayor Stone said. “He is a valued member of our community.”

By Danielle Coots

News-Current Report

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.