City Manager enters into agreement with ODOT

BEAVERCREEK — The Beavercreek City Council members and mayor approved the city manager Pete Landrum to enter into an agreement with ODOT to complete resurfacing projects for Indian Ripple Road and North Fairfield Road.

Earlier this year, the city placed an application for financial assistance to complete the resurfacing project to Indian Ripple Road between County Line Road and Sylvania Drive and that was approved by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Committee.

The financial program provided $727,489.00, which provides funds for 70 percent of the project funds. The funds will be utilized to complete pavement repairs, mill, resurface and curb repairs.

Like the Indian Ripple Road financial assistance application, a similar one was requested for the North Fairfield Road Resurfacing Project.

This grant provided $657,552.00, which provided funds for over 60 percent of the project costs. This money will be used to complete the resurfacing of the roadway, mill, and make curb repairs. The work is planned for the roadways between North Fairfield Road between North Drive and Lakewood Drive, which includes an extension to the original plan of just roadways from North Drive to Kemp Road.

Beavercreek City Engineer Jeff Moorman explained the the extension was needed because the roadway just north of Kemp Road has began rippling. The reason for the rippling is thought to because the workers in 2010-11 did not go down to the concrete base of the roadway.

“There may be a thin layer of asphalt that is not adhered to the concrete and is sliding, causing the rippling,” he said.

Now that the funding is in place, the city manager will move the project move forward.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.