Two generations ago: February 1968

By David Shumway

Don Phillips, Jerry Benson, and Paul Dunnigan were appointed to the newly-formed Beavercreek Township Park Board.

And, as the incorporation saga heats up between those wanting to incorporate “Valleywood” and those desiring the entire township, there was small mention of a scheduled public hearing concerning Fairborn’s interest in annexing some Beavercreek Township land. (This is the innocent-sounding start of an epic 18 year battle.)

Home Federal Savings and Loan is offering 4.5% interest on savings accounts, “insured up to $15,000.”

Here’s something interesting: Keith Welsh Realty is having an open house at its new office on Bellbrook-Fairfield Road, with Congressman Clarence Brown doing the honors. What’s interesting is not a new realty office, but “ladies will be presented rain bonnets and the men will receive ballpoint pens.” Featured houses are offered for $18,500 & $22,500.

And those busy Jaycees are pushing to get protection for the Little Miami River, with a petition to Columbus to have it declared a Scenic River. Bringing it forward, the Little Miami became Ohio’s first State Scenic River in 1969, and later the first Ohio river to be named a National Scenic River.

For car buffs: Langs Chevrolet is introducing a “combination family and sports car,” the Camaro! In sports, our Edgar (Lefty) McFadden was just named GM of the new Dayton Gems Hockey Club. Remember Lefty?

And, something we probably wouldn’t see today, BHS senior girls entered a “junior homemaker scholarship competition.” Congrats to Susan Conklin for her $500 scholarship, but if she’s to be a stereotypical “homemaker” of the era why send her to college?

Have to mention at least one grocery item. Our new homemaker can buy a pound of Swifts premium bacon for 69¢.

Remember Sadie Hawkins Day dances? The 1968 announcement asks attendees to “dress in hillbilly or briar style.” BTW, it came about in 1935 L’il Abner comic strips, where aging Sadie chases the unmarried men and whom she catches becomes her “husbin.” Actually, today this solemn observance is held on November 13th.

By David Shumway

David Shumway is a local resident and historical guest columnist.

David Shumway is a local resident and historical guest columnist.