LaRosa’s Beavercreek pizzeria has closed

BEAVERCREEK — LaRosa’s, Inc. announced March 25 that its pizzeria at 2453 Esquire Drive on the corner of Commons Boulevard and Esquire Drive has closed.

The company cited consistently low sales at the Beavercreek pizzeria as the primary reason for its closure. The Beavercreek family pizzeria was established in 2004.

“It’s always our goal to successfully operate pizzerias long-term, however despite our tireless efforts, the Beavercreek pizzeria didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped. We genuinely appreciate the local team and our Dayton area guests who consistently supported us,” said Michael LaRosa, CEO of LaRosa’s, Inc.

All of the team members have been offered positions at other LaRosa’s locations in the Dayton area.

LaRosa encourages guests who have dined-in or picked-up orders from the Beavercreek family pizzeria to visit the three other Dayton area LaRosa’s Pizzerias in Englewood, Kettering or Centerville.

“Our team members at those family pizzerias are eager to welcome our Beavercreek customers and to provide the same level of quality and service our guests are accustomed to,” LaRosa said.