DeWine trying to take Taylor commercial off air

COLUMBUS —Attorneys for the DeWine Husted for Ohio campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Ohio TV stations currently airing what they are calling false and deceptive advertisements.

The ads are for the Taylor Estruth for Ohio campaign titled “voting.”

“Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor has built her entire campaign on one lie after another,” said Ryan Stubenrauch, DeWine-Husted campaign spokesperson. “Lieutenant Governor Taylor has lied about her extensive record supporting Medicaid expansion. She has lied about her support of President Trump, refusing to explain why she vehemently denied endorsing Trump only weeks before he was elected president. She has lied about Mike DeWine in campaign literature and blamed others after her lies were called out in the media. We will not sit by and let Lieutenant Governor Taylor’s latest lies about Mike DeWine and his conservative record air freely on television.”

The letter accuses the commercial of containing “a series of deliberate falsehoods about Mike DeWine and his record of public service” including supporting taxpayer-funded benefits for illegals, and giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.

The letter points out that broadcast television stations licensed by the FCC have a legal obligation to not air content that is a deliberate, intentional, or wanton misrepresentation of the truth.

“Such obligations must be taken seriously and we urge you to immediately cease and desist the broadcast of this advertisement. Your station has a duty to protect the public from such false, misleading or deceptive advertising,” the letter said.