Muni court judge received justice award

XENIA — Xenia Municipal Court Judge Michael K. Murry recently received the 2018 “Model of Justice” Judicial Award from the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center in a special presentation in Columbus.

Murry’s award was one of several awards presented, including Advocate Award, Special Courage Award, Prosecutorial Award, Attorney Advocate, Law Enforcement and Leadership to Inspire Award. Murry and the other award winners were recognized for their significant contributions in protecting, preserving, and advancing the rights of crime victims.

“I am pleased and honored to have received this award from the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center,” Murry said. “I am further honored to have been nominated by Wendy Ricks-Hoff, who in addition to all the other Xenia Municipal Court employees, works tirelessly within our system, and lives by a standard of respect for others every day. It has always been my intent to respect anyone and everyone who appears in my courtroom. Receiving this award is truly an honor for me, but it’s more a reminder and testament to how I would hope all courtrooms would operate at all times.”

In her nominating submission, Ricks- Hoff, director of Xenia’ Victim Assistance Program, said, “the Honorable Michael K. Murry, who took the bench of the Xenia Municipal Court on January 2, 2008, has been a model of justice for all. Judge Murry had one mission when he was elected, to run an exemplary court and treat any person before the court with dignity and respect. This was not just a promise reserved for persons charged with an offense, but for anyone, including crime victims.”

Ricks-Hoff added that the Victim Assistance Program through the Xenia City Law Department has been a daily presence in the courtroom “because of the efforts of Judge Murry in ensuring all victims of crime have a voice and have access to their rights.”