Early God said, ‘Get up and write!’

By Charlie Huff

As I lay there in my comfortable bed, I began thinking about eternal life. It seems like that is all that’s on my mind anymore. Why is that? Well, I may repeat myself (That’s okay because we read the Bible over and over, don’t we?), but I want to help someone turn from their evil ways and turn to God.

Maybe there won’t be many that will listen to me, but it’s each person’s choice. I’m just repeating what the Bible says because God (and I) don’t want any to perish. This old world is becoming more and more wicked and people go out into eternity every day. Some are ready and go with Jesus; some are not ready because they are without Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Way to Heaven and He is the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I am interested in your soul and your eternal destiny because we are going to live forever somewhere. So between the thoughts I had while lying in bed and the things I jotted down as I read the Bible, I must remind you: Let him who has an ear, listen to what this Book has to say. Don’t add to it or take away from it. Repent and turn from your evil ways.

Some think that because they aren’t as bad as other people, that they are okay. “I’m not all that bad,” they say, “I’m pretty good.” But the Bible says that in and of ourselves, none of us is good. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The Bible is our instruction book for life on this earth and I love it!

As good as it felt in that bed, God said, “Get up and write, Charlie.” When He speaks like that and calls my name, Charlie gets up and obeys

The Bible uses the word “repent.” It says the wicked will be done away with, but the righteous will be preserved. So many do not believe the Bible and ignore its instructions, but one day they will see that God’s Word is true and that Jesus is Lord. I have so many friends and family that need Jesus, and that’s why I keep writing. I hope that there are many who will read what I write.

Get into the Bible—God’s Word. Get serious about knowing and doing what is necessary to have eternal life. The devil is the father of lies and so many people will believe a lie when the truth is staring them in the face. God’s Word is Truth whether we believe it or not. Even if you don’t understand it, get with someone who can help you learn the Truth. Your excuses won’t matter much when you stand before God and give an account of your life.

God is holy and He wants us to be holy also. Some people remember how I used to be, but I am a new creation in Christ. I’ve been born again and washed in the blood of the Lamb of God. The Bible says you must be born again to get into Heaven. Read it for yourself, repent, follow Jesus, live a holy life, and Heaven will be your forever home. Judgment Day is coming. Are you ready?

The Bible is the inspired Word of God written down by godly men inspired by the Holy Spirit. I don’t care what the world thinks of me, I’ve got a one-track mind—Jesus. I’m going to Heaven to be with Him forever and I want you to go with me.


By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and guest columnist.