There is no other way

By Charlie Huff

It is amazing to think that I was created in the image of a Holy God. But sin separated us from God and we were lost and doomed to hell. God is holy and cannot look upon sin, so we needed a savior. The Bible says that Jesus is the only way back to the Father.

Some people do everything they can to prove that God does not exist. I myself was a sinner and going through life not paying attention to the truth. But when I found out what life was supposed to be like, I changed. Jesus got a hold of my heart and that’s why I do what I do and say what I say. God expects me to be a light in a dark world and I’ve got too much to lose to forsake the Gospel of Christ.

The Bible says that a man is a fool who says there is no God. Man wants to do things his own way and that is a big mistake that leads to hell. The Bible says that people perish because of a lack of knowledge, but it gives us the knowledge and the truth to live by if we will just follow it.

I write a lot of letters, not just for other people but for me also. I love to talk about Jesus and the eternal life He gives. I’m so glad that I’m saved that I have nothing more important to talk about. At my age, I’m just about to check out of this evil world, but I am ready. I am serious about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Too many people are leaving this world without Him.The Bible says without Jesus you will not enter into Heaven.

The Bible is the written word of God put into the heart of man so we can know the way to live. People say that man wrote the Bible, but in those days God walked with man and gave him the words to write. God created us because He wanted companionship with us. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, the Bible says not to try to figure out God because He is God and you aren’t!

It’s plain and simple: Believe in Jesus and walk the narrow road or take the wide road that leads to destruction. The Bible actually says more about hell than it does about Heaven and I wonder why. I guess it’s because so many people don’t believe in hell and try to make God a liar. Do you know what it says in the Bible about not believing in Jesus? It kind of scares me just writing about it. So the more I read the Bible, the more I want to tell someone how to get to Heaven.

I’m not perfect; no one is. And I’m not stupid either. All I have to do is believe God’s Word, and it’s easy for me because God said it and I’m going to do what He says. Nobody is going to deceive me, because Heaven and hell, the wide road and the narrow way all sound too real to me. I was not very smart in school, but the Bible says it will teach me and He will guide me in what to do and how to live. When I look around, I realize that I’m pretty smart when it comes to knowing the best thing in life, and that is Jesus!

I know people don’t want to hear it, but I’m not shutting up. If you let people know this is serious, a lot of them will listen. I don’t save anyone, that’s God’s job, but I plant seeds. I’m a farmer for Jesus. Some of my seeds will fall on rocky ground and some will fall on good soil. Either way, it’s okay, because Jesus says we can know the end of the story and we win.

I’m almost 80 years old. I’ve been there and done that, like the saying goes. I have a one-track mind, I’m Heaven bound, and I’m going to tell everyone I can. I’m about to leave this crazy mess, so come on and take my hand. I’m on my way to Heaven, leaving soon.

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a resident and guest columnist.