Read it and it believe it

By Charlie Huff

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Sadly, many people will not believe the Bible because they say that man wrote it. That’s a lame excuse. How could it be written if God didn’t put it in the heart of man to write it? People are quick to find reasons to not believe the Bible, but it doesn’t matter what we think. God said it and nothing is going to change His mind.

Read the Psalms; read the Proverbs; read Ecclesiastes. If that’s not enough to make you do what God says, then keep on reading. I mentioned those books of the Bible because they include words that King Solomon wrote. Being the wisest man who ever lived, he should know what God is talking about and what God wants. Solomon had it all, yet he found that stuff doesn’t make one happy. The Bible was intended to get inside the heart of man and God wants us to read it and accept it and live it.

We are created in the image of a holy Creator, but man did evil because he believed a deceiving devil. People don’t believe a holy God but they will believe a lying devil! God’s Word is true and I will never deny it. Some may think I am crazy, but I write what is in God’s Holy Book. I don’t save anyone, that’s God’s job. I’m just a farmer planting seeds for Jesus, and God is responsible for the results.

If you think I’m nuts, that’s okay. I win with Jesus and He is the One who paid a heavy price for my soul. No, I don’t understand it all, but I don’t have to know it all. He is God and I am not. Period. He is a just and loving God—our Heavenly Father—and He knows and wants what is best for us.

I can look back at all those who were dedicated to the Word of God. Some even gave their lives for the Gospel. Many of them helped found our country on biblical values so that we could be a Christian nation. And even though it doesn’t look like we are a Christian nation today, there are many who are turning from their wicked ways to follow Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of evils in our world today. Many are downhearted and long for peace of mind and soul. Turn to the Bible and find that rest that you desire. I may not be well-educated, but it’s what is in my heart that matters. So many of my friends and even my dear wife are gone now and I just can’t believe it sometimes, but the pressing matter is this question: Will you trust Jesus for your salvation and find the joy of eternal life? The Bible makes it clear that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the Judgment. Now that should get our attention!

I may not get all of these letters printed in the newspaper, but they’ll be here when I die and maybe someone will find them and be helped by them. I say this because I was in an old house a while ago and found a notebook full of letters and poems that had been written years before. So what I am doing by writing my letters is nothing new. I hope they can be a blessing for years to come.

God knew me when I was in my mother’s womb. He knew He had plans for me to encourage others and help them along their way. Oh, what a great God we have! It is great to know that these letters can touch many lives, so I will continue to do what He asks me to do. Some days I write several of these letters because my heart is so full. I get lonely sometimes, especially since my wife died, but God sends someone to lift me up again and I just continue on with His help. Blessings to you all!

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is an area resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is an area resident and guest columnist.