Chris Wallace (R)

Biography: Wallace was raised in Plain City, graduated from Jonathan Alder High School and earned an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University. Wallace graduated from law school at Indiana University and is currently a practicing attorney.

What is the biggest challenge facing the state, and what would you do to help resolve it?

“The biggest challenge facing Ohio is ensuring that we continue to create jobs, grow the economy, and cut taxes. If elected, I will work tirelessly to implement pro-growth policies that create jobs and prosperity for all Ohioans. We can continue to make Ohio a great place to live and work in by further cutting personal income taxes, which will reduce the tax burden on middle class families and put more money in their pockets.

It is also important to cut red tape and eliminate onerous regulations so Ohio can compete in the global economy. State government has cut a significant amount of red tape since Governor Kasich was inaugurated in 2011, and I am supportive of those efforts. If elected, I will work to further identify regulations that can be eliminated, creating a more favorable climate for job creation.”

When it comes to the state’s budget, how would you change spending priorities for services?

“I feel that we need to identify real savings in the state budget and ensure state government is properly serving taxpayers – that’s my priority. State government should focus on providing quality services to taxpayers and ensure that their money is being spent properly.”