Letters to the Editor

Say yes to GMH


I have just recently finished having physical therapy at Greene Memorial Hospita. The therapists and their assistants were very nice, helpful, patient and well versed in their profession.

The exercises have helped reduce my pain as well as make it easier to get around. I plan to continue the exercises they taught me. Over the last several years, I have needed help with physical issues and GMH Physical Therapy has always been there to help.

I also have had some personal experience with the Cardiac Rehab department. My husband was in that program for three mornings a week for 10 years. It is a great program and my family and I feel sure the therapy and exercise program lenthened my husband’s life span by many years. The connection with the staff and others in the program was also mentally as well as physically beneficial.

We would have have done the things they taught him without going to Cardiac Rehab. If your doctor or healthcare provider recommends physical therapy and or cardiac rehab, plan to take advantage of GMH therapy programs. Both programs are done in our hometown. I plan to vote yes on for the Issue 22 GMH renewal levy in November.

— Marlene Gifford, Xenia

Support Strickland and Klepinger


Ninety percent of voters say that Congress is ineffective and they’re right.

Before President Obama took office and in spite of the financial crisis our country faced, Republicans led by Eric Cantor in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate developed and enforced a plan to oppose anything Obama wanted.

With Republican control of the House in 2011, they followed the Hastert Rule by which the speaker allows a vote only on legislation favored by a majority of his party. Thus, many bills which would pass with bi-partisan support were blocked. In this last year, John Boehner finally violated the Hastert Rule and two essential laws were passed in the House by bi-partisan vote. He knew that his party would force him out and they did. Republicans have wasted substantial time on over 60 Obamacare repeal votes and on partisan witch hunts. The Benghazi and email investigations were aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton. Republican Majority Leader Cong. Kevin McCarthy very publicly bragged that the Benghazi investigation (even though it turned up nothing) had brought down Hillary’s approval numbers. In contrast to this Republican abuse of power, Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neil was legendary for working with President Ronald Reagan. Democratic Speakers Tom Foley and Nancy Pelosi disregarded the Hastert Rule repeatedly.

Republicans in Congress, including Mike Turner and Rob Portman, have made a mockery of any pretense of serving the public interests. They need to be replaced. Vote for Ted Strickland for Senate and Rob Klepinger for House.

— William R. Conner, Beavercreek

Make your judicial vote count


Given the amount of media coverage devoted to the presidential election this year, many Ohioans may believe that the race for the Oval Office is the only one on the ballot in November. Not so.

In fact, I would argue that there are statewide, regional, and local candidates on the ballot that will have a far greater impact on the daily lives of Ohio voters than the president will have. Those individuals are judges. There are more than 150 seats up for election statewide this fall. Judicial candidates are running for the Ohio Supreme Court, courts of appeals, common pleas courts, and county courts. It is imperative that voters get to know these candidates in order to make an informed decision on Nov. 8.

In order to increase meaningful voter participation, I launched last year the first statewide judicial voter education website: JudicialVotesCount.org. For the first time, Ohioans have access to quality information about all candidates for judge.

In addition to candidate profiles, JudicialVotesCount.org features information about what judges do, descriptions about the duties of different courts, and brief videos of former judges explaining how the court system works.

There are many reasons to better educate Ohioans about judges and the judiciary. One reason is judicial voter drop-off. A quarter of the electorate – or more – routinely skips voting for judges, who, by law, are listed near the bottom of the ballot.

You can connect with Judicial Votes Count via a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel to spread the word. Please follow, like, and watch.

While there can be no doubt that presidents make important decisions every day, judges make those same kind of decisions that hit closer to home for most Ohioans. Go to JudicialVotesCount.org and take the time to learn who’s on the ballot for your local court, their legal background, and why they are running for judge. Take that knowledge, step into the ballot box on Nov. 8, and make your judicial vote count.

— Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Columbus

New schools will benefit everyone


Xenia Community Schools’ Issue 21 on the ballot Nov. 8 is a 3.9-mill bond issue. Voter approval of the issue will provide funding for a new combined middle and high school building to replace the outdated buildings of Warner Middle and Xenia High School. Passage would allow Xenia to receive more than $28 million in state funding. Vote Yes to Issue 21. Our kids and teachers deserve new schools and the latest in technology. The improved learning environment will make a significant difference in the lives of the students, teachers, administrators and ultimately our community. Join us in voting FOR the Bond Issue 21.

— Diane Dixon and Denise Dixon Davis, Xenia

Seniors need to support Issue 21


I can remember years ago when the “seniors” in our community voted for new schools and at that time I was a student and beneficiary of those new schools built in the 1950’s. Today, as a retired businessman (now one of the “seniors” of this community), I am happy to support Issue 21. In fact, I feel it is my duty. The Ohio School Facilities Commission did an assessment of Warner Middle School and Xenia High School and recommended both buildings be replaced because of the numerous building issues. They cited a lack of fire suppression systems, leaking roofs and water damaged ceilings, rusted and collapsed pipes, aging and unreliable heating systems, numerous issues with ADA compliance, and inadequate wiring and electrical systems. The state estimated the cost of repairs and renovations would total more than two thirds the cost of building new, up to date schools. Plus, the state has offered to pay more than $28 million to help replace the buildings. What an opportunity and sound business decision. I am voting YES for Issue 21. I hope you will join me.

— Dow Reichley, Spring Valley Township

2016 Election Choices will be significant for our future


In this year’s presidential election, we have two significantly flawed candidates. That said, whichever party takes over our government will face big challenges to restore U.S. credibility around the world when you review our current status around the world.

The much ballyhooed 2009 “Russian re-set” coincided with our cancelling the U.S. deployment of defense missiles in Eastern Europe. After which, we saw a Russian invasion and occupation of eastern Ukraine, and the annexing of Crimea. In the Middle East, we are still confronted with a brutal ISIS “JV” team, along with the recent deployment of Russian forces into Syria to protect the Assad government, which we said must go after he exceeded a “redline” that we said they could not cross. The supported ‘regime–change’ in Libya, resulting in our ambassador being murdered after he requested extra security, which was not supported. After we signed a monumental treaty to end the embargo on Iran and even sent them $1.7 million, Iran is now harassing our U.S. ships and humiliating our sailors. In the Far East, the Chinese have built man-made islands with airfields on the Spratly atolls which have long been considered international waters in the South China Sea. And all these things happened while we doubled our national debt to almost $20 trillion in the last eight years

That said, it appears obvious they we need some significant changes to re-establish our credibility in the world. Thus voting for Republicans up and down the ballots seems like the best option.

— Laurel Mayer, Fairborn

Editor’s note: The election letter to the editor deadline has past. Letters do not run in the Beavercreek News-Current the week before the election due to no opportunity for rebuttal. Letters will appear in our Xenia Daily Gazette and Fairborn Daily Herald until three print days before the election.

Editor’s note: The election letter to the editor deadline has past. Letters do not run in the Beavercreek News-Current the week before the election due to no opportunity for rebuttal. Letters will appear in our Xenia Daily Gazette and Fairborn Daily Herald until three print days before the election.