Letter to the Editor

Say no to levy


Once again the Beavercreek City School District officials are not asking, but threatening its residents if a “substitute emergency levy” isn’t passed on May 2. Full disclosure, my daughter attending Beavercreek schools from K-10 grade; however, we removed her from the system due to poor teachers, even worse administrators and uncaring staff workers. She was, and is to this day a straight “A” student and a freshman in college.

The district has shown time and time again they believe in doom-n-gloom scenarios. They will attempt to scare parents and residents into believing non-passage will “truly dismantle the district,” or “equivalent of picking one [school] building and losing it.”

Beavercreek School Treasurer and CFO state that a reduction would “change everything.” They stated passage would reduce “voter fatigue”, yet threaten once again that if it doesn’t pass this go-round it would be placed on the next election ballot—sounds as if they’re really concerned about voter fatigue.

This is the same group of individuals who for years threaten us with cuts if we didn’t pass a levy for the construction of a new school campus (and actually did cut busing for two years), only to finally wear down the community (can you say voter fatigue) to pass the levy, yet come back to the voters with a new levy and claimed they needed the additional funds to “operate” the school. Really? That wasn’t in the original $80M levy?

That would have been nice to know during the almost three years of “lectures” they offered on how this was a must for the city. Finally, you much read the fourth paragraph to find the hidden gem: This will become a permanent levy from the day it passes. Regardless of how reckless or careless they are with our taxes, you will never get a chance to vote “no” on this levy again—it’s permanent! How dumb must we be to even think of passing this permanent levy? Please vote no and challenge our leaders to find ways to fund their out-of-control spending.

— Tim Curry, Beavercreek