GCPH thanks employees for 2019 tornado response

XENIA — Greene County Board of Health members thanked Greene County Public Health (GCPH) employees at a Dec. 5 board meeting for their response to the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes.

Employees were lauded for their “initiative, diligence, professionalism and dedication” during the May 27 storm that impacted the Beavercreek area.

The resolution stated: “The Memorial Day tornadoes presented many actual and potential personal and environmental hazards within the destructive path of the storm,” and that as a vital part of disaster response “in collaboration with county and state partners, public health worked to assure the health and safety of residents and provided necessary standards and guidelines to the community to enable recovery”.

GCPH response by the numbers:

— 27 employees logged 857 hours in the response effort

— 121 food service inspections conducted

— More than $32,000 spent in personnel

— $11,500 spent in equipment

— 4,319 page-views on the GCPH website

— 16,902 impressions on GCPH Facebook

— 18,300 impressions on GCPH Twitter

For more information on GCPH’s emergency preparedness programs or response during a disaster, residents can call 937-374-5600 or visit the website at www.gcph.info.