Beavercreek donor helps others be prepared

For Greene County News

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek donor Dawn Mumford is a Girl Scout leader who lives by their motto “Be Prepared.” She’s a Donor for Life with 22 lifetime donations, and her 19-year-old daughter Anna has already reached her milestone 10th lifetime donation. Mumford helps save lives by donating blood, but she’s also prepared to help others in any moment of need.

A Community Blood Center blanket that Mumford received as a donor gift became very useful during a Good Samaritan effort on a recent fall morning.

“There was a four-car accident this morning (Sept. 21) on North Fairfield road in Beavercreek on the US Route 35 overpass. When it was safe I made a U-turn, parked my car to protect the damaged vehicles from traffic and called 911,” said Mumford. “There were two college young ladies who had been involved in the accident. They appeared to be fine, but were shook up. I offered them my Girl Scout fleece jacket because it was chilly and I thought they might be in danger of going into shock.

They were students at Wright State. I called university because they were worried about exams they were supposed to taking. I happen to be a mathematician and worked at Wright State, and called and left a message. When police said I was free to go, I looked in my car. I usually have more survival gear. I’m trained in wilderness survival and first aid. I saw my Community Blood Center blanket in there, so l was able to offer it to the young ladies to make sure they were protected from chill and could retrieve my jacket.

I was so glad to offer it to young ladies who needed it more than I did. When things calmed down they could see why someone gave them a blanket, and think they are in giving community that reaches out to people in need, and maybe even consider giving blood as a way to give back. I know this community has helped me and I’m glad to help when God puts me in place where I can.

We lost our house to fire and this community really helped us get back on our feet. It happened in 2011 – a month after we paid off the house. So many neighbors offered us a place to stay the first week and it didn’t end there. It really was a beautiful thing.

Our 19-year-old daughter Anna has been donating since she was 16 and reminds both my husband Phil and I when it’s time to donate blood.”

Story courtesy of the Community Blood Center.

Story courtesy of the Community Blood Center.