Soin Medical Center opens new vascular institute




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BEAVERCREEK — Soin Medical Center’s new state-of-the-art Vascular Institute is now seeing patients specializing in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of vascular disease of the circulatory system.

“I am very much excited to be a part of this new project,” said Medical Director Dr. Niranjan Reddy. “I foresee an increase in the awareness of vascular problems in the community, early detection of disease and better management of the diseases with excellent outcomes.”

The Vascular Institute is open to both physician and self-referral patients, along with individual appointments during its weekly clinic. The clinic offers a comprehensive assessment and evaluation comprised of a complete health profile and non-invasive vascular ultrasound study.

“Having a clinic like this is very important to Greene County because this is the first clinic addressing the vascular disorders such as peripheral arterial disease,” added Dr. Reddy. “It is important to evaluate patients with problems of circulation, aneurysms, venous problems, carotid artery problems.”

The team includes both interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons who collaborate offering advanced cardiovascular care. All are board-certified and recognized leaders in the region.

Assistant Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Velasco said, “The clinic provides Greene County residents with local cardiovascular care – a service that otherwise would require the patient to travel out of the county. Many residents who would prefer to stay local to receive their care, treatment, follow up and see their physician closer to home.”

“Our aim is to help the community be aware of the vascular conditions, detect early, manage it the best possible way with a combined surgical and medical team,” said Dr. Reddy.

“I think Soin Vascular Institute provides the best regional opportunity for treating a broad spectrum of cardiovascular disease manifestations in a patient by having a multispecialty approach to the patient’s care. We have hospital, physician and support staff operating within this clinic,” said Dr. Velasco.

Doctors include: Interventional Cardiologist and Medical Director Dr. Niranjan Reddy; Vascular Surgeon and Assistant Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Velasco; Vascular Surgeon Dr. Julie Gilkeson and Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Raja Nazir.

For more information about the Soin Vascular Institute or to make a referral contact 937-702-4680. The hospital is located at 3535 Pentagon Blvd.



Story courtesy of The Greene Medical Foundation – Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center hospital within Kettering Health Network.

Story courtesy of The Greene Medical Foundation - Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center hospital within Kettering Health Network.