Employee of the year presented

Danielle Coots | News-Current Beavercreek City School Nutritionist Heather Human was presented with the 2015 School Nutrition Association of Ohio Employee of the Year Award.

BEAVERCREEK – Heather Human, Beavercreek school’s nutritionist, was presented with the 2015 School Nutrition Association of Ohio Employee of the Year Award this past week during the Beavercreek School Board meeting.

Her supervisor, Connie Little presented Human with her award and a boutique of flowers and she detailed Human’s accomplishments throughout her food service career and her drive to make the lunchroom a better place for all students in the Beavercreek school system.

“She demonstrates excellent customer skills, creative marketing of our programs, dedicated to professional development and continuous support of the student nutritional department,” Little said. “She serves 400 meals in 55 minutes with an excellent attitude. It’s a little thing but it makes a huge difference. She really does have a bright future here.”

Human began here journey with the Beavercreek Nutrition Department in 2011 and has also recently been awarded a National Award, the 2015 Nutrition Association of Ohio Employee of the Year, representing the entire state of Ohio. She will be accepting her official recognition in Salt Lake City.

“She also worked at the Shaw kitchen. She was instrumental in developing an effective work system. It’s one of the busiest lunch rooms in our system, so having great organizational skills and a work system in place is essential,” Little said.

Her work can be witnessed at Jacob Coy Middle School cafeteria, where her work has been proven to be a success. During a recent nutrition education, Human acted as an auctioneer to try to get the students to try three-bean legume salad. The vegetable is a new feature that is offered daily as part of the new meal plan. Because of her enthusiasm and positive attitude, the vegetable consumption doubled.

“I just want to thank everyone,” Human said. “I’m just happy I get to work in such a great school district.”

Human is certified at level one with the School Nutrition Association and is an active member of the Local Chapter 57 of the School Nutritional Association in Ohio. She attends regular meetings to lean the Meal Plus plans and regulations. She also attends fall network meetings to learn new ways to promote the meal program. Further, she also takes online courses from the National Food Service Management Institute to continue her learning skills with the ever changing meal pattern.

The Beavercreek school system isn’t just passing out meal trays, they are passing down meals that contain skill, organization, planning and years of dedicated work to create the best meal for Beavercreek students.