Beavercreek Schools Ranked as ‘Excellent’

By Danielle Coots - For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK – Beavercreek schools are displaying new signage in all of the Beavercreek schools stating: Excellence: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The signs are as a result of recognition from the State of Ohio recently that acknowledges the great accomplishments of the students, teachers and the school district.

The Beavercreek school district is one of 14 districts statewide to earn all As and Bs in the 2012-13 Ohio Department of Education State Report Card evaluations and meet 24 of 24 indicators of proficiency by grade level and subject matter, even with the state’s more rigorous standards.

“The 2012-2013 Ohio School Report Cards are the beginning of a new era of greater accountability and high expectations for Ohio’s schools. Moving to a system of A-F letter grades on a broader range of measures will make it clearer for educators, parents and taxpayers to see how their schools are performing,” said Dr. Richard Ross Superintendent of Public instruction with the Department of Education.

Prior to the report card evaluations, Beavercreek had earned 12 consecutive “Excellent” ratings in Ohio Department of Education State Report Card testing, and was one of only 46 of 613 districts statewide to do so.

Not only did Beavercreek students exceed in standardized testing, but Beavercreek High School students also had the highest number of finalists battling for 320 National Merit Scholarships. Not only did the students excel, the teachers did as well. The teachers have earned numerous national, state and local awards crediting their teaching abilities.

Four out of eight school districts earned the distinction of “National Schools of Excellence,” including Beavercreek. Two of the districts earned the distinction of “Ohio State Schools of Character”. One school district earned the distinction of “National School of Character.”

Beavercreek was also designated as the district of “What Parents Want” by School Match, an educational research firm that provides school information to the general public. This award is only given to 15 percent of the school districts in the country.

With the approaching school year, the Beavercreek School District is extremely pleased with the results and look forward to future results. For more information regarding the school’s report card system visit

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.