BEAVERCREEK — Science, technology, engineering, mathematics – oh my! Sylvan Learning Center in Beavercreek is now offering enrichment classes in STEM studies. This program offers robotics and coding for children grades 1- 8. These programs are geared to help develop skills for engineers, scientists, computer programmers and more.

“This is something that’s brand new for our facility. It’s not something a lot of people even know that we offer,” Beavercreek Sylvan Learning Center Marcie Greenisen said. “Students that are currently in the program, they get really excited when they learn something new and the love doing it. It teaches kids how to work together and use the vocabulary.”

With a great interest in coding and robotics, the center felt it was a great time to introduce the STEM EDGE program to the students of Beavercreek. The robotic classes are offered to grades 2-6 with four levels. In the robotic classes, students will learn how to use motors, gears, and belt and pulley systems to build a robot by utilizing specific STEM vocabulary, team work and problem solving skills. The students will build and program the robots using LEGO bricks and WeDo software.

In the eight-week coding class, students, grades 1-8, will actually leave the program with a customized video game that they developed on their own. Through the course, the students will learn how to create characters, backgrounds, music and other features to create their masterpiece. The school emails the finished product to the parents, who in turn can share with friends and family, so they can also experience and play the game with the student. The coding is completed by using a program specially designed for Sylvan Learning Center and by using NETbooks.

“The students are not only learning to work through the material, but they’re also working on problem solving and there’s a lot of problem solving that happens as a group,” Greenisen said. “We’re very excited to be able to offer these classes here in Beavercreek.”

Classes are currently being offered on Saturdays. During summer vacation, Sylvan will offer the robotics and coding classes as a summer camp. Camps will be offered in the morning and afternoons to help accommodate all schedules. The one- week camp, three hours a day will be offered Monday through Friday. Then, at the commencement of the next school year, classes will resume back to Saturdays.

Sylvan Learning Center has over 35 years of experience tutoring and now offering this enrichment class. The center’s goal is to help transform how students learn and inspire them to succeed not only in academics but also in life. Sylvan Learning Center has over 75 locations in the United States.

For more information or to enroll your child in the STEM EDGE program contact Sylvan Learning Center at 937-427-8808 or visit