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XENIA – Soin Medical Center’s urological surgery team has received a second Holmium laser.

Greene Medical Foundation presented Soin Medical Center with $51,000 in order to purchase a second Holmium laser for the busy department.

“We all are very grateful to the Greene Foundation for their ongoing support,” said Soin Clinical Nurse Manager Barb Robinson, who oversees surgery services. “This is great for our whole organization.”

Soin-affiliated physicians were presented with over 700 urology cases last year, the majority being kidney stones, according to Robinson. Of those cases, about 30 percent used the Holmium laser.

The laser functions by using a fiber wire through the ureter where the stones typi vcally lodge. The laser is used to blasts the stone into micro particles which are usually passed during urination.

Robinson explained that because some patients may be in acute pain, it was not uncommon for Soin’s only laser to be in use or already reserved. A second laser allows doctors to give patients that immediate care. “Many know the discomfort that comes with kidney stones and any delay can really exaggerate that for patients.”

“We feel very strongly about our fiduciary responsibility and are very conscientious in determining the needs of the hospitals when we choose a project to focus on,” said Greene Medical Foundation Vice-Chair Cheryl Lightle. “The board felt this was an important part of patient care and comfort so that neither a physician nor patient is delayed.”

Already in use, this laser is providing that relief to patients at Soin, affiliated with Kettering Health Network.

“This procedure immediately unblocks the ureter providing immediate relief for our patients,” added Robinson. “What a wonderful non-invasive way to treat these stones – with this procedure many patients go home the same day.”

Cheryl Lightle said, “We felt this would really reinforce to hospital surgeons that equipment is always at the ready for them to take care of patients. It is all part of our mission to help provide quality healthcare for those served by our hospitals in Greene County, Soin Medical Center and Greene Memorial Hospital.”

Story courtesy of The Greene Medical Foundation – Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center hospital within Kettering Health Network.