By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK – The Beavercreek Township Fire Department said goodbye to Lieutenant Robert Young recently, celebrating his more than 34 of dedication in the fire services.

Young accepted his retirement send off with a tear in his eye and a great deal of respect and gratitude for the service personnel he had worked side-by-side daily. He was honored with a Flag Ceremony at Fire Station 62 followed by an Awards Ceremony and Celebration at Fire Station 61.

Lt. Young graduated from Kettering Fairmont West High School in 1977. After graduation, he began his journey in the fire service profession by joining forces with the Kettering Fire Department as a volunteer. In 1980, he received his emergency victim care certification as an emergency medical technician, now known as an EMT.

On March 9, 1981, he was hired on with the Beavercreek Township Fire Department as a full-time firefighter and has served the Township and Beavercreek for the past 34 ½ years. Through the years, he has earned numerous certificates, instructions and more to provide him with a well rounded education in the fire services and allowed him to rise in the ranks of the department. He eventually became a hazardous specialist.

“I want to thank Chief Smith for the best job a person could have. Thank you for hiring me back in 1981. Chief Smith is a man with a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience. He taught me a lot and one of the things that I will never forget is that he told us to always take care of each other. I want to pass that one to everyone around me. That really meant a lot to me,” Lt. Young said.

The Beavercreek City Council presented Young with a recognition of his outstanding career with the Beavercreek Fire Department and his distinguished service as a public servant from 1977 to 2015. The council also recognized his outstanding leadership and innovated ideas and exceptional demand for excellence contributed significantly to keeping the community of Beavercreek safe during his career.

He began his career as a volunteer firefighter, completed and graduating from many programs during his career. He became an instructor for the national fire academy, Cleveland State University Center for Emergency Preparedness and constructed multiple federal agencies. He received numerous accommodations including the Deployment Service Award, Beavercreek Township EMS Unit Command Accommodation Award, and Firefighter of the Year Award, Fire Unit Accommodation Award and Appreciation Award. His career education included that of the Ohio Fire Academy, Good Samaritan’s Paramedic Program, and he completed Sinclair Community College’s Associates degree in Fire Science Technology.

He completed the Educational Methodology Program, Fire Officers Leadership Program, the Cleveland State University Instructor Program and the Highway Emergency and Rail Emergencies from the Transportation Test Center in Colorado. Young participated in intense training including emergency victim’s care program training, hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction training. He received certification as a National Fire Hazardous Specialist in Ohio, and was a chemical and biochemical weapons and bomb specialist.

“When I was first hired on, I was just a kid and I didn’t know anything about the kind of firefighting we do out here. But, Chief Smith has always been a great leader, teacher and friend to me. I appreciate all the people I worked with over the years. I’ll never forget the memories we shared,” said Lt. Young.

Even though retired, Lt. Young plans to continue teaching for Cleveland State University and private chemical companies.

Danielle Coots | News-Current Lt. Robert Young (right) was honored recently as he retired from the Beavercreek Township Fire Department. Coots | News-Current Lt. Robert Young (right) was honored recently as he retired from the Beavercreek Township Fire Department.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.