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BEAVERCREEK – Beavercreek donor Larry Kretz believes in walking on the sunny side of life. But on Aug. 27 at the Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC) he was cracking even more jokes, flashing bigger grins and giving more “thumbs up” signs than usual. He was especially upbeat about his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation.

Larry’s journey to his milestone celebration began in the mid 70’s. “My mother-in-law had to go in for an operation,” he said. “At that time, you could donate blood for her. That was the start of it. I’ve been doing it since then. It’s helping someone out, and if I’m healthy, why not give?”

Larry has been very dedicated to his whole blood donation schedule, and he says if he forgets, “They’ll call me very eight weeks.”

He is retired from government contract work as researcher for the Air Force, and is amused thinking back on the ups and downs. “I had a few experiments blow up,” he said. “Hmmm, that wasn’t supposed to go that way…”

His retirement also didn’t go exactly as planned. “They called me back, for a job that was supposed to take a few weeks,” he said. “Seven years later … now I’m on my second retirement!”

Larry has three children and 10 grandchildren. Most of them live in the area, so it’s easy to spend time together. Just in time for fall, he can wear his new CBC “Donor for Life – 100 LTD” jacket. What makes Larry a Donor for Life? “It’s helping people – one way – one of many,” he said. “I like to look to the lighter side of things. That can help you out. That’s my attitude about things.”

Larry Kretz Kretz

Story courtesy of the Community Blood Center.