BEAVERCREEK – Beavercreek City Schools will soon be conducting a survey to determine the overall thoughts about the local school system. The survey will be developed by the Ohio School Board Association, otherwise known as OSBA and will be conducted Nov. 6-17.

“They specialize in these types of surveys for many different school districts,” Beavercreek School Board President Mick Lundy said. “It’s our way to collection information and data so that we have a strategic plan moving forward because there will be a new school board in January and it will give the new board members important data for a strategic plan moving forward into next school year.”

In the past, mainly in 2011 and 2012, surveys were conducted by telephone. But, technology has changed significantly since then. Now, the OSBA suggested that the survey be conducted electronically. This flexibility will allow participants to conduct the survey during convenient times throughout the day and night.

The survey will open Friday, Nov. 6 and will close Tuesday, Nov. 17. The school board is urging all residents, with and without school age children in Beavercreek schools or school board employees to submit their responses to the survey to ensure the information that is received is accurate and provides as much information as possible.

“We are going to try our hardest to get the word out regarding the survey. The Creek Connections will be delivered to over 26,000 households in Beavercreek just before the beginning of the survey and that is the best way to reach people,” said Lundy. “We will also have the link available on Beavercreek School’s website and Facebook page. We might even have a terminal available during the home footballs game. There will be plenty of ways for people to place their responses.”

Crystal Davis at the OSBA will go through each and every submission to help avoid duplication responses. From the time of the closing to the next board meeting, the OSBA will be able to analyze and calculate the results. Then, they will be presenting their findings during the November 17 school board meeting.

For more information regarding the upcoming survey contact the Beavercreek Board of Education at 937-426-1522.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.