By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK — City council members heard concerns from citizens that the city was shutting down the fruit stand on Patterson and Grange Hall Roads. And during Monday’s council meeting, officials indicated that was not true. In fact, the owners of the fruit stand have been encouraged to stay as long as they would like as long as they clean up their location.

“This is an issue that came up recently and took us for surprise and really caught us off guard as to the momentum that was building up behind this,” Beavercreek Planning Director Jeff McGrath said. “There is a perception that the city was trying to shut down the fruit/vegetable stand on Patterson Road. That is not the case.”

A complaint was received in March regarding a dilapidated camper/RV that is on the property. The vehicle has expired tags and hasn’t moved in years and is inoperable, according to the city. It was suggested that the city require the owner to remove the vehicle from the premises. There was also a complaint about the parking situation during business hours. The increased parking flowed into the neighboring business parking lot limiting spots for its customers.

The complaints were followed-up with a site inspection. The city employee found that not only did the camper/RV need to be removed but that the property contained a hazardous structure that also needed to be removed. The city suggested that the owner of the fruit/vegetable stand install a tent of some sorts, if needed.

“We met with the owners of the fruit stand and went over some of the issues that needed to be taken care of,” McGrath continued. “Matt [city employee] spoke to Mrs. Cornwell, the owner of the fruit-stand and she indicated that this would likely be their last season and she requested an extension until the end of the season.”

An extension was granted and the plan is to reevaluate the situation at the end of the season. If they decide not to open for business next year, the city wants to make sure there’s a plan in place to have the vehicle and the current structure removed from the premises so it’s not left vacant and left behind.

“There was no requirements for them to build a new building or for them to leave. They were not asked to leave so the city could build a residential development. That’s something that we heard,” McGrath said. “But, we have really appreciated them being a part of the community. We came to an understanding and she understands that she needs to remove the camper/RV and she is fine with that. We just asked that if she continues the stand that she puts a little TLC into the premises.”

The owner has indicated that they will make sure the property gets cleaned up and that the structure is safe and free of hazards moving forward.

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.