News-Current Report

RIVERSIDE — Carroll High School honored six distinguished alumni and an honorary Patriot at its Hall of Fame dinner Oct. 15.

This years inductees are: Dr. Cheryl Conley, Michael Neatherton, Mike Osgood, Dr. Alan Thurman, Matthew Joseph, and Lt. Col. Charlie Middleton. The Honorary Patriot is retired Carroll principal, Joseph Sens.

Many of the inductees’ names are familar to Dayton-area residents. Conley has taught at Wright State and the University of Dayton. From 1985-1988, she was a Clinical Scientist at the Community Blood Center, leading to the development of the Dayton Regional Tissue Bank, now the second largest in the country.

Osgood spent years leading the Huffman Historical Society and the Huffman Area Neighborhood Development Association, voluntarily purchasing neglected homes and rehabbing them, as well as working with Rep. Mike Turner on the “Rehabarama” program.

Thurman is a surgeon with an office out of Miami Valley South. He has also served on the Dayton Art Institute Association Board.

Joseph, a Dayton city commissioner, is a widely-recognized Dayton figure who has served as president of the board of directors of the House of Bread, as well as the Southeast Priority Board, National Conference for Community and Justice, Film Dayton, Neighborhood Schools Centers Oversight Council, the Mother Brunner Literacy Center, and the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center. He currently serves as the chair of the Welcome Dayton Committee and serves on the boards of the Dayton Sister Cities Committee, Dayton Peace Accords Committee and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Nominations are made to a committee of volunteers. Each nominee’s background is taken into account including academic excellence, career achievement, Christian leadership, dedicated service, philanthropy, heroism, humanitarianism, and cultural enrichment. Honorees must be 15 years out from graduation to be eligible.

Carroll High School’s Alumni Association established the Awards and Recognition Committee in May 2006 in order to evaluate criteria, research candidates, solicit nominations for alumni sponsored awards, and coordinate the planning and hosting of an annual Alumni Hall of Fame awards ceremony. Being named to the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is a high honor and based on post-high school achievements.

News-Current report compiled by Scott Halasz.