BEAVERCREEK — Jacob Coy Middle School is offering non-academic classes that allows qualified students to “Pay-it Forward” through the Trebein Tutoring program.

“We feel that it’s a good training for what we hope to give to the kids at Coy. We want to teach the kids to always pay it forward,” Coy Middle School Principal Shaun Kelly said.

The creators of the tutoring program were middle school teachers, Liz Driver and Allison Wolf. It was created in 2013 when both schools opened and were looking for a way to assist the Trebein Elementary, grades K-5. The tutoring club was born and the implementation has been a success thus far.

The middle school students that are chosen to participate in the program must receive a teacher’s recommendation, have good grades, possess good character and complete an essay discussing why they would make an excellent tutor for someone needing help in reading and math.

“It helps the kids give back to the community and helps younger students excel in subjects that were once a problem. What we see is that students get very attached to one another and we really enjoy having them come into the program,” Driver said. “Some of them [the Coy Middle School students] look for a former teacher that they had and we try to match them up together. It also teaches the older students learn responsibility.”

Even with the designation of two teachers keeping the program alive, it’s a huge group effort to keep the program going. Whether it’s the job of the Coy Middle School’s students to help assist a Trebein Elementary teacher with grading papers or helping a younger student with his/her math assignments, it’s been proven to have an enormous value to each school.

“I applaud these teachers for coming up with this program. It’s a wonderful thing,” Kelly said.

By Danielle Coots

Danielle Coots is a freelance writer for Greene County News.