WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — With an aging workforce and steady attrition rates due to retirements and people moving on for various reasons, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Financial Management Directorate headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is actively recruiting talented college students and graduates for entry and mid-level civilian positions.

Recruiting at colleges and universities around the country, the Directorate is looking to hire approximately 100 individuals over the next fiscal year to work in AFLCMC program offices nation-wide.

New hires play an important role in the center responsible for acquiring and sustaining the vast majority of the Air Force’s weapons systems and equipment and are often given huge responsibilities.

“Our financial managers are responsible for estimating the cost of [future] weapons systems as well as estimating the cost of modifications to our current weapons systems,” said Greg Leingang, Director of Financial Management Resources for the financial management directorate. “Once we estimate the cost of the weapons systems or new aircraft, we go through the process of budgeting for that money, writing documentation that goes to Congress to request the money and later managing the execution of those dollars.”

Once hired, new employees go through robust training to prepare them for their career, including Financial Management “Bootcamp,” hands on training in the program offices and continuing education opportunities. In addition the directorate helps new employees transition and adapt to the Air Force by teaching Air Force culture and tradition.

The work the financial managers do is important and has an immediate and lasting impact.

“U.S. Air Force warfighters rely on the aircraft and weapon systems developed and procured by AFLCMC to fly, fight, and win,” Leingang said. “Our financial managers secure, manage, and execute the billions of dollars required to field and sustain those aircraft and weapon systems, making our careers critically important to the success of our military.”

To qualify for open positions, candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 24 credit hours of business classes.

For additional information and to apply for a job with the directorate, visit www.usajobs.gov. College students may also contact their college career centers to find out if the directorate has any visits scheduled.

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Story courtesy of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.