Have to mention grocery prices, especially since the new Beavercreek IGA just opened next to Beaver-Vu Bowl in November 1967. How about Miracle Whip for 38 cents, margarine for 10 cents, or a bag of potato chips for 29 cents? Looks like Lofinos has some competition.

But Lofinos lasted a whole lot longer. Bringing it forward, Lofinos grew and moved a lot in this era. It was small on Dayton-Xenia in 1967, of course, but grew in 1970 to where the senior center and BCT is now — the Beaver Valley shopping center location came later. Charlie died in 2008 and Seajay Drive, for you newcomers, is named for Charles J. Lofino. And that IGA? Long gone.

Another grand opening: The Beavercreek Medical Center opened on Dayton-Xenia Road. It’s now called the Beavercreek Executive Center. Look for the slight difference where “Executive” replaced “Medical.”

And in sports, the Beavers ended their football season 8-2, sharing the Western Ohio League title for the first time. But the league was only 4-years-old.

Hey! Ohio Bell announced it will “convert all your phones to ‘touch tone’ for $1.50 per month.”

And as a special treat, “A collection of decorator colors is available.” Wow! We stilled called it “dialing” then, and maybe still do. Don’t we?

The painful Beavercreek incorporation saga moved to the “next phase” as the separate Valleywood incorporation petitions were challenged in court by resident Ursula Murphy. Our Greene County judge recused himself and a visiting Warren County judge heard the case. Note: I’m a student of this incorporation history, so please bear with me.

Unlike today, there was not of commercial Christmas stuff going on months before December. However, in November 1967 both the Valleywood Boosters and the newly-established Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce announced Christmas decorating contests the Boosters for homes and the Chamber for businesses.

And near the end of November the Beavercreek Jaycettes (including my wife) hosted their famous “Santa’s Mini-Shop” where kids could buy inexpensive gifts for their parents with the help of elves (including my daughter). And who was there besides Santa? Bernie the Clown! … the iconic and charitable Bernie Miller who helped out with many local causes and childrens’ events.


By Dave Shumway

Dave Shumway of the Beavercreek Historical Society is a guest columnist.