The Bible says that fallen man had to have a way back to the Father. Without the Bible, how would we know anything about this life or the life to come? In the Bible we read how God created all the beauty of the world and then created man. That sounds good to me, because I believe the whole story and I’m glad I’m here.

Man had it made, walking with the Creator in the beautiful Garden of Eden. It sounds so wonderful, we wonder why man would rebel against God. When we look around us now, we know why—the devil lied to Adam and Eve. And the same thing is happening today. When you do what is wrong, it seems like you get so wrapped up in evil that you forget about God.

We read that God created man in His own image and breathed His spirit into this vessel called the human body to guide us and direct us to do good. We wonder how in the world man could do what he did, and ever since the Garden of Eden the devil has been sending people down the wrong path.

The devil is doomed to hell and he wants to take everyone with him. There is a battle between good and evil and it seems like evil is winning. But that’s a lie! In the beginning when man sinned against God, there was already a plan for God the Son to come down and save us. From beginning to end and all through it, the Bible points us to Jesus—God the Son. Nobody knew how and when He would show up, but He came to live and teach and die and rise again to give us life!

Let me tell you why I write these letters. I have been doing it for quite some time and they have reached a lot of people. When God puts something on your heart to help someone, you should do all you can to help save them. I tell people what the Word of God says because God says we are His messengers.

Some people read the Bible and don’t believe it; so all I want to do is help someone get to Heaven. Some people will not believe what I write, but some will. I’m just a farmer planting seeds for God and it’s up to Him to bring results. There are a lot of people who read my letters, so don’t tell me that no one will listen, because some will. Maybe I don’t always have the right thing to say, but I’m not going to deceive anyone.

The Bible is the truth and it says not to add to it or take away from it. I only write what God says in His Word. He has given every one of us a free will to choose which way we will go. We will never understand all of this completely, but we must keep trying to get more people on the road to Heaven.

The Bible says there are two roads leading out of here and I surely don’t want the road to Hell. I know many people don’t believe in that place, but it’s in the Bible. It scares me to know that when you turn against a holy God that there’s a Judgment Day coming. I just want to help someone make it to Heaven. I can’t save anyone, but I might say something to change someone’s mind. I have to live a life pleasing to the Lord before anyone will listen to me. I have to be true to the core for Jesus because it means eternity and that’s forever.

It’s hard for people to believe what the Bible says about Hell, but we cannot go to Heaven with sin in our lives. Jesus is my life and I was going the wrong way when He turned me around. Some may remember what I used to be and keep judging me, but I’ve been forgiven and my yesterdays don’t matter anymore.

The Bible says if we repent and turn from our evil ways and follow Jesus, we will be saved! I will never quit doing what I’m doing until I’m just not able. I want to tell people that it’s not hard to be a Christian if you get with someone that’s on the highway to Heaven and journey together. Doesn’t Heaven sound amazing? And all we have to do is believe the Word of God and live for Him.

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is county resident and a guest religious columnist.