Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

Life has a way of blinding us. Things that once seemed so clear lack clarity the next day. We tend to push ourselves through these difficult times, but sometimes the answer is just to wait!

The crisp air tingled on my face as I locked the house door and tramped down the snow-packed sidewalk to the van. Mindlessly I threw my bag into the middle seat, started the engine and headed toward our office to begin another routine workday. But this day as I drove down our long lane I was suddenly blinded by brilliant sunlight hitting the frost encrusted windshield. My visibility abruptly dropped to almost zero and our familiar gravel drive became obscure. Scrambling for my sunglasses I slowly crept forward, hoping to make it to the road without veering into a snowbank. Finally I made my turn and headed away from the sun, thankful to have traversed the difficult situation without any big problems.

Minutes after arriving at work I realized I had forgotten something I needed at the house. I turned around and headed back. I was frustrated that I would have to retrace my steps and deal with the visibility problem all over again. But to my surprise, though only a few minutes had passed, the sun had moved in the sky and my view of the lane was now perfectly clear.

How much is life like this? Sometimes in the midst of our routine we are dropped into a situation that is blinding at best. We feel lost as we try to move forward and yet don’t know how to find our way along a once familiar road. We squint and grab for our sunglasses trying to make sense of our circumstances, and yet the way ahead remains unclear. It is natural to tightly grip the steering wheel in these times and try to move forward despite our confusion, but often God just asks us to wait quietly.

Our all-wise Father knows the path we are taking and sees beyond the crisis of the moment. His vision of the circumstances is completely clear and He has a plan that He is working to fulfill in us and those around us. Instead of pressing forward and risking a dive into a snowbank, we are called to trust Him and wait patiently. In time the blinding sun will move as He reveals His will to us and our way will become clear again. — Love Mama

By Sandra Sheridan

Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her letters to her children with our readers. Visit her at