BEAVERCREEK — 24-7 Gym and Fitness owner and operator Jason Lambert is offering an opportunity to new members and three local organizations during the month of April to help give back to the community. He will be donating to Feed the Creek, Eager Beavers Football Club and Dayton Zebras.

The gym is located at 3253 Seajay Drive. Lambert is working with these three non-profit organizations to help them raise some money in exchange for new memberships. During the month of April, each non-profit organization has been designated one week out of the month. During their given week, the more people that join, the more money that organization earns.

“I’m donating 100 percent of the enrollment fee to the local non-profit organization, which is $49 each membership,” Lambert said. “The fundraising efforts began on April 8.”

The fundraising schedule: April 8-14- Feed the Creek, April 15-21- Eager Beavers Football Club, April 22-28- Dayton Zebras.

“I decided to do this after seeing other local businesses, like Beavercreek Pizza Dive, doing fundraisers for local community non-profits and I decided to try and find a way to offer the same thing with my business,” he said.

After making the decision to give it a shot, he reached out to his gym members and social media looking for recommendations for which local non-profit organizations they would like to show support. Out of those recommendations, Lambert dug dipper and researched each organizations until he decided on the right organizations.

“I contacted each one of them to see if they would be interested in a partnership in helping each other and these are the three that responded,” Lambert said.

Each non-profit will spread the word of the partnership to their customers during their given week. The more people they have join, the more money their organization will receive. It’s a simple and easy concept.

At the conclusion of each week, Lambert will write a check to the designated non-profit organization and will present the check at the gym. The event will be posted on 24-7 Gym and Fitness’ Facebook page so members and the community can see how their dedication benefits not only themselves but also the community.

24-7 Gym and Fitness is looking for other non-profit and community organizations to support in a similar fashion.

“We want to be known for our community involvement and support,” Lambert said.

For more information contact Jason Lambert at 937-732-4821 or email him at [email protected].

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current