BEAVERCREEK — The Beavercreek Police Department received the approval from city council to participate and apply for federal funds allowing for the retirement of some bulletproof vests and replace them with new vests with the help of a 50/50 grant.

“We are constantly reminded of the dangers of this job,” Beavercreek Police Chief, Dennis Evers said. “Just last week a Columbus police officer was shot during a routine traffic stop. So, these vests are very important.”

The federal grant money allows for the city to only pay for 50 percent of the costs for vest replacement. The program has been in existence since 1999 and the City of Beavercreek Police Department has taken full advantage of it each and every year since.

This year, the department plans on replacing 10 bulletproof vests for patrol officers.

The total cost of the vests is $8,230, of which the city would only be responsible for paying $4,115. The grant funding is available through the US Department of Justice through the Bureau of Justice Assistance program; otherwise known as BJA.

Chief Evers expressed his appreciation to the city council members for allowing the purchase. To date the federal grant program has saved the police department over $60,343 with this program.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current