“So Herodias nursed a grudge against John and wanted to kill him. But she was not able to, because Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man. When Herod heard John, he was greatly puzzled; yet he liked to listen to him.” (Mark 6:19-20)

John the Baptist was a prophet who spoke the truth. He spoke the truth about Herodias’ illegitimate marriage to Herod and suffered the consequences. Herodias didn’t like to be told she was wrong and yet Herod knew the truth of what John said. He was troubled by it. His spirit knew John spoke the truth and therefore he protected him. God’s truth spoken into the world will always cause resistance. Here is a good example of how God’s word in Scripture can cause people to rebel against Him in disobedience. If obedience were easy it wouldn’t be called obedience. Obedience brings with it another standard outside one’s self that we must bow too. God’s will doesn’t change. We have too.

It is not hard to find instruction for life in the Bible. It is available for all to read. This Word of God is clear on many issues that call us to obedience. We can question every issue and yet God’s Word does not change. It is not conditional or situational. The human spirit knows the truth of this and yet many times chooses to ignore it. We may say, “I don’t care. I am going to do it my way.” This attitude leads to actions that are out of God’s will and lead to destruction – separation from Him. Satan is out to silence God’s Word by silencing His messengers – those who follow Jesus. But we will not be silenced. We will proclaim the unchanging Word of God.

Heavenly Father, help us stand strong against the trials of this world that would cause us to compromise our trust in You and Your standards for life. You know best. Help us to affirm this and not shrink from proclaiming it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


By Pastor Robert Forsberg

Pastor Robert Forsberg is retired from Light of Christ Lutheran Church in Fairborn.