BEAVERCREEK — After getting the approval from Beavercreek City Council to rezone a piece of property, the Youth Group for Indian Culture (YGIC), a small Indian American community which is a non-profit organization, sought permission from the city to construct an educational center next to the existing church to allow additional classrooms for Indian youths.

The property is located west of Glenbrook Drive and north of Crestmount Court.

“The Indian American community has always been a strong proponent and supporter of Beavercreek initiatives as it has many great things to offer to its residents,” YGIC members HIten Patel said. “The vision of the organization is to educate the youth of the community to become a well-rounded person in all aspects of like and become a highly successful and productive member of this community.”

YGIC requested approval of a specific site plan in order to construct a 9,400 square foot, single story religious educational facility on three acres. The new center would provide six classrooms for the students, allowing parents to pick-up and drop off students before and after activities and special events. The objective of the educational center is to nourish and provide life-skills for the success of the youth in both personal and professional services.

“Thanks for expanding in Beavercreek,” City Council Member Ryan Rushing said.

The three acres was originally rezoned in 2018 to be added to the existing PUD 08-1, which was the first part of the construction process of this project.

“We are very excited about this project,” applicant Hiten Patel said.

Approved with 22 conditions, including requirements for parking, signage, debris and trash, and trash collection. Another condition restricts outdoor speakers and will require the YGIC to pay an impact fee. The fee must be paid for prior to the release of the zoning permit.

Council passed the application with a majority vote. The anticipated completion time of the project is within a year of approval.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current