FAIRBORN — Maigan Glass recently became the Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance at Wright State.

Under her job title, Glass has to tackle several varying functions of the athletics department. Her responsibilities include overseeing recruiting, financial aid, eligibility, playing seasons, awards, extra benefits, and rules education to name a few.

One of the staples of the WSU athletics program is the philosophy of PSA, standing for support of the students-athletes as people first, students second and athletes third. Glass noted that this is one aspect of her position that she enjoys most.

“I think that allows them to have the ability to not be scared of failure because they know that they have that support system,” she said.

The support of WSU Director of Athletics Bob Grant is another one of the perks of the job Glass added.

“Not only does he express the important of PSA to our student-athletes, but he also expresses that same philosophy to his staff and coaches in regard to their own lives. That makes it an encouraging place to work.”

Glass moved from her hometown of Lancaster, Wis., to attend Kent State, where she was a member of the volleyball team from 2008-11 and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She later received a master’s in sport and exercise science from Northern Colorado.

Her experience on the court was significant in preparing her for a profession in collegiate sports she says.

“To be able to relate to the student-athletes and know exactly how they’re thinking or feeling allows me to earn their respect when I’m speaking to them about issues they have or opportunities that they want to take on,” Glass said.

Some of the skills that Glass obtained while playing for KSU have translated well to her current place of employment.

“It’s very mentally stimulating, and I really have to focus on the intent of each question that I am asked. It’s not just a quick answer you can get sometimes,” she said. “Focusing and not giving up are two aspects I’d say that I’ve learned from volleyball.”

The Director of Athletics at KSU, Joel Nielson, offered further inspiration for Glass when following her career path.

“Watching him lead, I really wanted to be in athletics and work in the area,” Glass said. “He had such a great impact on me that I wanted to have that same impact on student-athletes in the future.”

One of the steeper challenges of working in compliance is researching and interpreting NCAA policies, Glass explained.

“Being able to navigate those rules and figure out what we can do from a compliance standpoint has been challenging, but at the same time really rewarding,” she said. “It’s a new role that has been although mentally tasking, it’s fun to do.”

When she was sporting the Golden Flashes uniform, Glass earned a moniker for her ability to stay persistent that is no surprise considering her work ethic in the compliance department.

“I got the nickname ‘bulldog’ freshman year at Kent State,” Glass said. “My coach gave that to me during preseason because of my tenacity to stick to something and see it through to the end.”