Dane Mutter Prairie dedicated

BEAVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association honored founding member Dane Mutter with a ceremony dedicating the Dane Mutter Prairie on July 14.

Dane Mutter helped acquire this piece of land in the wetland corridor that has been converted from a soybean field to a prairie full of wildflowers. He has been a major player in the region’s conservation and land stewardship progress.

“His charm and warmth combined with his knowledge of the natural world is a combination that gets others to see his perspective and support conservation efforts,” said Beaver Creek Wetland Association officials said.

After completing a degree in Wildlife Management at The Ohio State University, he worked in the field of conservation for several years, eventually becoming the Director of the Aullwood Children’s Farm near Dayton. The last 22 years of his official conservation duties were spent as Associate Director of the Dayton-Montgomery County Park District, now know as Five Rivers Metroparks.

After two days of retirement, Mutter became the first Executive Director of the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association. Dane contacted everyone who might be interested in seeing their land protected as part of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. He worked with BCWA volunteers and trustees to write grants to fund projects to acquire, enhance and restore portions of the wetlands.

One project that has had lasting impact on all Ohio wetlands was his participation in the Ohio EPA’s Public Advisory Group on water quality regulations. Input from Dane and others in BCWA helped form regulations that protect wetlands from destruction.

The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association seeks to protect the wetland ecosystem in the Beaver Creek watershed through partnerships, community networks and public education. BCWA supports the retention of wetlands within the protection corridor and encourages the restoration of wetland and traditional upland habitats, such as forests and prairies. BCWA promotes the use of these protected areas for education, research and recreation.

The Dane Mutter Prairie is located next to the Hunter’s Pointe/Hunter’s Ridge neighborhoods between Beaver Valley Road and the Beaver Creek and should soon be accessible to the public.