Mosquito grant funds awarded

Greene County News

XENIA — Greene County Public Health officials have announced that the public health agency will be a recipient of a $22,000 mosquito control grant awarded by the Ohio EPA.

The purpose of the grant program is to make funding available to local health departments and other related governmental entities to use for applying mosquito control measures in support of Ohio’s efforts to reduce the potential for an outbreak of mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika, West Nile, and La Cross Encephalitis.

As part of the grant, public health officials will follow the approved mosquito control activities as set forth by the grant requirements, which include the following:

-Mosquito surveillance/monitoring

-Larval control, i.e. granules or “dunks”, for sources that cannot be removed

-Adult mosquito control, e.g. aerial or barrier spraying, in areas a.) that cannot be otherwise mitigated, and b.) in which the presence of mosquitoes poses a risk to public health

-Community outreach, e.g. house-to-house inspection/educational outreach or distribution of granules/dunks to the officials in the various jurisdictions in Greene County

-Breeding source reduction, e.g. tire/trash removal

The funds received through this grant program will allow for the purchase of equipment, tools and supplies necessary for the implementation of the mosquito program, according to a release from GCPH.

For more information about mosquito control, contact Greene County Public Health at 937-374-5609 or visit

Content provided by Greene County Public Health.

Content provided by Greene County Public Health.