Two Generations Ago: October 1967

By David Shumway

Couldn’t help but notice the girls’ hairdos in 1967 in the newspaper announcements of engagements and weddings. Actually, guys too! Yes, we guys had a LOT more hair, and those sideburns! Bringing it forward, hair styles might make an interesting column sometime.

The Beavercreek Jaycees and (I hate to use this term now) Jaycettes were very prominent in Beavercreek in 1967, and a big part of my & my wife’s lives. In October the Jaycees announced a project to gather petitions for the establishment of a Beavercreek Township Park Board, an idea “well received” by the Township Trustees.

The newly-organized Punt, Pass & Kick football challenge for kids was held in October 1967, sponsored locally by those busy Beavercreek Jaycee and a local Ford dealer.

Autumn has arrived at Lofinos grocery. Cider is 79¢ a gallon, go-with donuts are 19¢ a dozen, and candy apples are 10¢ each. For the family I probably bought a gallon, a dozen, and four, respectively, for $1.38.

And Zimmer Estates, billed as “total electric gold medallion homes” opened a model home. Bringing it forward, Zimmer now has about 2800 residents and is one of Beavercreek’s largest neighborhoods, albeit not all total electric.

Remember the Belmont Drive-In on County Line Road? Remember ANY drive-ins? The Belmont is featuring “Blow Up” with Vanessa Redgrave, “in color!” Of course, the Belmont, like other such passion pits, has long gone several miles up memory lane

What ever happened to Phyllis Terrell, Beavercreek High School’s Homecoming Queen of 1967? She must have danced to the homecoming theme “Over the Rainbow.”

In sports, Beavercreek was excelling in many sports in the fledgling Western Ohio League founded in 1964. In October 1967 the Beavers were leading the league in football. Later months will mention wrestling, basketball, golf, tennis, bowling … the girls hadn’t come into prominence in that era.

Bringing sports forward: The Beavers are still prominent in several sports, and the girls have definitely come into their own. For you high school sports enthusiasts, the WOL combined with the Greater Miami Valley Conference in 2011 to form the massive Greater Western Ohio Conference.

Holidays coming up!

By David Shumway

David Shumway is from the Beavercreek Historical Society and a monthly columnist.

David Shumway is from the Beavercreek Historical Society and a monthly columnist.