Old age has crept up on me. You too?

By Charlie Huff

I was thinking of how I was living my life as If I had forever here on this earth. I was taught as a child how to live, but like so many others I wasn’t really thinking about where I would be in eternity when I leave this world. I was acting like it didn’t really matter and I was hanging out with others who just wanted to have fun and didn’t care about God. Where are they now? Gone.

Now I think about how I can help others who are leaving God out of their lives. That’s why I talk like I do and write letters like these. I can see where I could have been (in hell), but God had plans for me. He wanted to use me in ways I didn’t even realize. I have nothing else to talk about because one day I’ll be leaving here and I want to take others with me to the place He has prepared for those who obey Him and love Him and follow Him.

People say, “Charlie, you mean you that you were a bad man in years past?”

Yes I was, and nobody knows how bad I was but God and He wiped all that clean and gave me a new start in Jesus. Now I’m forgiven and I walk with Him everyday and I will keep telling people about Jesus and what He did for me. If you’ve reached old age like me—I just turned 80 this year!—and you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, it’s time to open your eyes and confess that He is Lord. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord when we stand before Him.

The more I write about the Kingdom, the more I want of it; so these letters are for the writer as much as for the reader. You can read of the future in Daniel and Revelation—the end times and what comes next. You may not understand it all, but you can find someone to talk to about it. Just don’t wait until it is too late. It may be scary, but close your eyes and think about how horrible hell will be. The warnings are there because God doesn’t want anyone to perish, but people keep going to hell because they won’t believe God’s Word and turn to His way.

It hurts me to even have to write about hell. But God didn’t create you to just have a “good” time and then nothing else. Are you kidding me? If that was God’s purpose that would be crazy thinking. But God make us to have a relationship with Him and to live with Him forever in a paradise called Heaven.

As I sit here and write, I am thinking about who I can talk to about the Lord. People are always in a hurry, but I have learned to slow down a lot so that I can see things that are important and eternal. I was never ever in a real hurry like some people, but I did need to slow down. People used to say there goes that rabbit, running fast to get out of the way of something that wants to eat him. Now I’m called a turtle—slow-walking Charlie! I’m in no hurry and I’m enjoying the journey and loving my friends as I travel. I want to enjoy all the good and wonderful things God created for me and it’s only going to get better. I’m not getting olderr, I’m just getting closer to Heaven! Being 80 lets me see wisdom from above and lets me talk to someone along the way, mainly younger people.

There are many reasons I have slowed down, but one is to get more of God’s blessings and not miss the wonderful things He is doing. There is even a reason for aches and pains. And I love the time God gives me with my family and friends. So if you know where you’ll be when you open your eyes in another world, think about what I write, seek the Lord, and live for Jesus. He is the only Way to Heaven; believe it or not, it’s true!

God says you either live for Jesus or you live your life for satan. Don’t just listen to me, I’m only a man speaking words. Listen to the words from the Bible—God’s eternal Truth. I will not be happy with any other conversation, let’s talk about what His Word says. I’m headed to Heaven, so that’s what on my little bitty mind and what I want to talk about. But guess what? I’ve got a big heart and that’s where our God looks—on the heart—and He has made my heart clean Wow! I’m excited! Come along with me.

—Charlie Huff


By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.