Better listen, only the word of God will last

By Charlie Huff

As I keep looking at this evil world, I want to keep on writing about the very thing that most people don’t believe in (God’s Word). When the Bible says that the Creator of all that, we see that is good, He is Holy. Now sometimes I let my mind wonder how in the world did things get so bad when God is so Holy.

Well, the Bible says, that God will do away with the wicked in do time. There is a devil and God gives us a choice to choose the way we want to travel, Up or Down, Heaven or Hell. Now I don’t care if you believe me or not, but God said that His Word is the only thing that is going to last.

The Bible says that you and I was created by a Holy God and it says what He is going to do with the ones that do not follow His rules. Sometimes I get down hearted, but God said not to worry about all the evil that I see around me. People choose the way they want to go and I’m not to worry about them. God said if someone is on the wrong road, talk to them, pray for them and just maybe they will turn to God.

When I know that I’m not of this world, that I’ve been forgiven and my awful sins against God, I have peace. At my age I want to really know where I’ll be when I leave here, because my time is short down here. The problem with most people, they worry about what someone else is going to think about them.

I don’t care what people say about me because God is the one that I want to please. If I try to please people I’ll end up in hell with them. Excuse me for saying the word hell because it doesn’t sound very nice. But it’s mentioned in the Bible and God didn’t create it for you and me. It was made for the devil and all of the angles that follow Satan when he rebelled against God. When I say that I don’t care what people think about me I mean it in a positive way. In a way I do care what they think because I’m suppose to live a Godly life. And maybe they’ll change if they are not living for Jesus.

When I read in the Bible about what hell is like I surely do not want to go there. When we read the bible, we need to read it with someone that knows what it really says to us. I’m just like a lot of other, I need someone that knows more than I do to help me understand it. The most important of the Bible I understand because its really not hard. Just a few things in there I need help with, the Bible is our instructions for life on earth and how to get to Heaven.

People ask me all the time how I can find so much to say, well sometimes I say that same thing over a few times because it’s supposed to sink into your heart. Sometimes one or two times just doesn’t do it. Just like me, some people are slow learners, but after a while it becomes plain to me, and I can help someone else.

I just can’t believe how great my life has been over the years. Forever is a long time…no end… wow. That really makes me think I want to be in Heaven. I’m almost 80 years old and a lot of my friends are gone, and they were younger than me. Death hasn’t got an age limit, so we have to be ready at all times. That’s what the Bible says, “Today is the day of salvation because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. “ That is why I write so much and am glad that I’m the age that I am.

I love my life and I just want to help others because I’m not here just to sit around and have a good time. I’m here for a reason, and I’ve got a story to tell others, mainly about the Kingdom of God. I always say, been there done that, and people will listen to you. If you get serious. So, as I bring this letter to an end, I want to say to the ones that read my letters, it’s not just words. I’m so grateful and I speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

God is Truth and Love and I’m created in His image and I’ll speak what He speaks. He is a true and faithful creator and He loves us very much and He will do away with evil some day and we His people will live forever in Heaven with Him. Now, think it over and don’t take too much time, because it’s almost over!

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.